Supporters of the VFW

The VFW Auxiliary seeks to support our nation's veterans by serving active-duty military personnel and their families. We also look to better our communities through volunteerism and patriotic education.

VFW Auxilary


 Since 1914 the Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States has worked to ensure that America's veterans will not be forgotten and those who need assistance will get it. In 2015 this was changed to a gender neutral organization, now open to men and women.  The Auxiliary is a support organization for the VFW (i.e. we actively support their endeavors on behalf of our armed forces, community affairs/projects and many charities). To help achieve those goals, each year donations are made to help make life better for active-duty military personnel, veterans and their families, and America's communities. With nearly 600,000 members in the United States, Guam and Panama, the VFW Auxiliary actively supports our troops as well as veterans and their families.

Here is the Auxiliary elegibility criteria in the most simple terms: If you have a father, mother, brother, sister or grandparent that served in a war you can join us! You have to provide proof of that service, but we can help you find that information through a number of resources. If you would like to search for the information yourself, try this site. 

Go to the site below:

When you get to the site, click on -- Launch eVetRecs--Request Military Records

Then simply follow the steps to get your family's record

VFW 10555

17680 Ashley Dr
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